Furniture and interior decoration

It is necessary that we know the indivisible relationship between furniture and interior decoration to understand the importance of the choice of furniture when creating any space.
And it is that, the furniture is summarized in the necessary elements to express ideas, feelings. It is vital that any type of company has office furniture that offers both its employees and clients quality and comfort as well as elegance and professionalism.
For all this, it is important to pay real attention to the design and functionality offered by the furniture, as well as the quality and the ergonomic and specific characteristics that each client demands.
At Bustper we have been designing and manufacturing furniture adapted to the needs of each interior design for more than 50 years, responding to different projects, executed based on the needs of each client, but all of them under the same quality standards.

What is interior decoration?
Interior decoration aims to achieve a certain environment in spaces, taking into account multiple aspects and ultimately improving the aesthetic appearance of the space, mainly creating an environment of visual beauty and harmony.
Interior decoration improves the space without modifying it structurally. In other words, it looks for a way to combine lighting, colours, materials and elements such as furniture, rugs or curtains… reorganizing and decorating the spaces, previously designed so that they are visually attractive.
Furniture thus becomes a fundamental part of interior decoration. The colors, textures, materials and finishes determine the creativity to add aesthetic value to the interior space. Being also able to generate emotions or even create a story of the environment where it is.

What role does furniture play in interior decoration?
The first aspect to take into account in interior design is the planning of the space, since the arrangement of the elements that make it up will allow a better use of it.
The elements that are part of the interior stay will be chosen and arranged according to the purpose of the stay. In other words, what activity will it be used for? The furniture is the main protagonist of it. A piece of furniture is an object that has been designed and manufactured with the aim of fulfilling a specific function within a space.
Let’s take the example of a hotel. The organization of the decoration depends largely on the type of rooms. It will not be the same furniture that is designed or chosen for the rooms, which must project rest and comfort, to the decoration selected for the reception, whose purpose is to publicize the image of the hotel and show elegance.