Hotel Catalonia Santa Justa

This central hotel belonging to the Catalonia chain is located between the Jewish quarter and the station, where its name actually comes from. It was stylishly renovated by reinterpreting an Andalusian style patio under the watchful eye of the Pia Capdevila interior design studio. For this project, Bustper was in charge of all of the custom made furniture and interior carpentry, using resistant materials with an exquisite appearance, lacquered latticework, acoustic elements and built-in lighting.

At just one production plant, Bustper was able to meticulously control every process of this project, which is reflected in the reception area, dining-living room, offices, bar, corridors and last but not least the rooms. Also including other services such as on-site installation and applying ceramic pieces to furniture fitted on site. This is just one example of adapting to a project.